We are Neutral - local carbon offsets. When you offset your carbon impact with our locally crafted carbon offsets, you do more than help the earth, you make a lasting impact on the lives of those around you. homepage_condensed

We Are Neutral believes that together we can inspire a movement. Our mission is to create a network of like-minded industry leaders by designing and integrating meaningful social and environmental programs into their infrastructure. Our programs reflect the values of our partners and their customers, ensuring business and community resilience.  


Our Local Carbon Offset Program

Benefitting local citizens and our global environment

Our unique Local Carbon Offset Program gives your carbon offsets a face, a home, a connection to you. We partner with local governments, uilities, public institutions and businesses, allowing us to guide entire communities into a carbon neutral future. By working locally, we give meaning to our carbon offsets, providing us all with a healthier community.

How do we create carbon offsets?

We Are Neutral creates carbon offsets by planting indigenous trees on local conservation lands and by performing free of charge energy retrofits for low income families.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is any action taken to mitigate the carbon dioxide resulting from the creation of the energy used to turn on lights, run water, travel, grow food, or manufacture goods.

Neutral Cities

Neutral Living initiative is right where we make the biggest impact: in the local community. Through Neutral Living we help make businesses and residents more sustainable.

Neutral Campus

Neutral Campus partners with colleges and universities to offset commencements, departments, travel and transportation, and more!

Neutral Sports

Presenting the first carbon neutral NCAA athletics program at the University of Florida, Neutral Sports works with athletic organizations…??!

Neutral Music

From dive bar gigs to seminal music festivals, from the studios to the tours Neutral Music offsets the music industry!

Neutral Events

Whether it’s your perfect wedding, a national conference, or your child’s birthdayNeutral Events makes it possible for any event to be carbon neutral.

Tree Planting

Please excuse us patting ourselves on the back but since 2008 weʼve done a lot; from creating the nationʼs first carbon-neutral athletic program, to saving low-income residents $3.5 million dollars in energy related savings, to planting over 18,000 native trees in North Florida alone. Come have a look at the rest of our trophy case.

Locally Produced Carbon Offsets

Through low-income housing retrofits, our local carbon offset program impacts more than just the environment. Our community-based model engages local residents, businesses and organizations in a culture of conservation and provides measurable impacts on the environment and families we serve.

Neutral Gator

Since 2008, weʼve worked with the University of Floridaʼs athletic department and office of sustainability to create the nationʼs first carbon-neutral sports program. In addition to offsetting the program with locally produced carbon offsets, our Neutral Sports initiative developed a stand-alone brand utilizing the brand of the Gatorʼs nationally-known sports mascot, instantly bonding the fierce and loyal Gator fans to our cause!

Offset Center: Manchester Tennessee

In 2013, in partnership with Bonnaroo, we were able to set up a new offset center in Manchester Tennessee, supplying local carbon offsets to Bonnaroo, and the surrounding region. We are developing offset centers for our programs all over the nation. Working together, we can bring a center to your town, ensuring your offsets are as local as you want.

Bonnaroo Offset!

When seminal summer music event, Bonnaroo, wanted to offset their festival, they came to We Are Neutral. Through our Neutral Music initiative, we set up a local offset center, offset the carbon footprint of the entire festival, brought along our solar-powered “Tower of Power” and even offset the individual travel of 750 concert-goers.

Swamp Head Brewery

Our Neutral Cities initiative is proud to announce a new partnership for 2013 with Swamp Head, North Floridaʼs favorite brewery! Swamp Head will be offsetting their carbon footprint using locally produced offsets from our Gainesville offset center.

Our Communiy Partners

Radius Workshops
Brave Space Design
Jason Straw Woodwork
Indigo Green Building Solutions
Atlantic Design Homes
University of Florida Athletic Association
Thrive Handcrafts
The Jones B-Side
Rincon International Film Festival

Latest News

  • We Are Neutral is making its first impressions on Miami, FL! On February 28th, we delivered a speech at the MiaGreen 14 Expo & Conference on a topic close to We Are Neutral’s heart: what we call “The Subtleties of Carbon Offsets”, the fine distinctions among various carbon offset projects that distinguish them as extremely beneficial or potentially destructive for their surrounding communities. It’s because of these seemingly subtle community impacts that we choose to provide businesses with social-based carbon… Read More »
  • Cinema Verde Offsets Their Entire festival

    Cinema Verde Offsets Their Entire festival

    Last month We Are Neutral provided carbon offsets for Gainesville’s 4th annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival. We also participated in the Cinema Verde Eco-Fair, which featured environmentally aware companies within Gainesville. Cinema Verde’s goal is to provide environmental education through film and the arts. They bring community organizations, businesses, and citizens together to develop sustainable solutions for the future. For four days the festival showcases films about a variety of topics including climate change, animals, sustainable business,… Read More »
  • Spirit of Gainesville Award Nomination!

    Spirit of Gainesville Award Nomination!

    Our Director Gets Honorable Mention for the 2013 Gainesville Spirit Award! November 25, 2013 Congratulations Jacob for your 6-years of entrepreneurial work to make Gainesville and the planet a better place to live, work and play! To learn more about Jacob and We Are Neutrals’ history of working for our community please read his nomination! Spirit of Gainesville Honorable Nomination Read More »